Cosmetic and General Dentistry

Dental medicine has recently witnessed a lot of innovations and subsequently big improvements. We are more and more concerned about our teeth aesthetics, for instance. We not only want strong but also beautiful teeth, white teeth if possible; furthermore we want beautiful and healthy gums for a bright smile. Moreover the teeth's proportions and position to each other as well as the course of the gum play an important role.

Nobody wants to have black fillings, visibile crown margins out of gold or other metal parts which are disturbing the overall picture. Meanwhile, this is possible in almost all cases. Upon request we carry out restorations on that note which have a functional and aesthetic result. But these restorations are not only carried out for the sake of beauty. Above all stands the prevention of dental caries and parodontitis. The fundament of odontology is the general or dental conservation. It includes for instance dental restoration therapy and root-canal treatment. These are carried out by being gentle to the tooth (minimally invasive).

For this, we utilize all-ceramic material among other tools (see also All-ceramic dental prosthesis). We always combine essential and useful procedures with aspects of the desired aesthetic. Allow us to advice you also in regard to your desired aesthetic so that you can continue to have an unrestriced smile.