Oral Surgery

  • Removal of wisdom teeth; in case or threat of inflammations/complaints; if removal is orthodontically necessary


  • Root tip resection; if the teeth are infected by cystic or granulomatous inflammation signs, but should be preserved


  • Bone augmentation; if the jaw bone has to be augmented with its own bones (transplantation) or bone substitutes before or during an implantation


  • Periodontal surgical interventions; if in case of parodontitis the gums also have to be opened in order to extract inflammated tissue and plaques (dental calculus) under visual control (open flap debridement) or to eliminate gingival pockets


  • Aesthetic gingival surgery; if gums have partially or generally been lost and the teeth (dental neck) appear to be prolonged (e.g. through brushing-caused trauma), the gum can be reproduced through connective tissue grafts or repositioned through microsurgical corrections